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Lodoss ashram 14

Ashram are one of the antagonists in "Record of Lodoss War".

he is a commander for Beld and his weapon are Sword and later he use the Sword Soul Crusher the weapon of his chief.

he love Pirotess the dark elves.

Probably the most interesting villain. This is the general commander of the armies of evil Beld and whose intelligence from the strategic point of view is very valuable. But it is primarily an outstanding warrior known as the Black Knight. Unlike Beld and Wagnard, Ashram is not really bad. It is dominated by his ambition but does not want to destroy Lodoss or cause unnecessary killings. He wants to unify all Lodoss under the command of Marmo and make known to the people a new golden age. It worships no god but fight for his own ideals and for his people. Having cold air like steel, it is however not devoid of feelings as seen with black elf Pirotess really appreciate it never admit it and it is a fair opponent.