Ashley Davidson is a recurring Villain in Hollyoaks who started in September 2015 and departed in October the next month. She arrives in the village almost immediately after being released from jail and heads to see her old partner Trevor Royle. She Blackmails him into helping her get her necklace back. She finds it belongs to the Blake Family and plans to kidnap Patrick Blake but the police know of her plan and she kidnaps Holly Cunningham thinking she let the information go to the police. But Robbie Roscoe rescues her in time and she leaves the village angry that she didn't get what she wanted. A month later she returns after getting a call from Trevor where the necklace is. she finds out that Sienna Blake and Nico Blake have the necklace and that they killed Carley, Bens Daughter and disguises herself as a police officer and kidnaps them. before Nico escapes she grabs her and puts her in a headlock. so Sienna hits her on the head with a petrol can knocking her unconscious. She is knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital. she wakes up and sends Ben a voice mail about Sienna but she gets it first and deletes it before ben gets a chance to hear it. Later a mysterious figure appears and Ashley thinks she getting her medication but its potassium chloride which kills her. the Killer is later reveled to be Lindsey Butterfield who is known as 'The Gloved Hand Killer" as footage of the murder is shown on the laptop.