Ashley Bamford
You shouldn't have come back out here, Shawn. Now I'm going to have to figure out a way to get rid of you.
~ Ashley Bamford

Ashley Bamford is a one-shot villainess from the USA Network series, Psych, appearing in Season Three's "There Might Be Blood."

She was played by Kelly Overton.

Ashley Bamford is the daughter of oil rig owner Billy Joe Bamford, but knowing that her father's business was failing, and in an effort to prove herself to her father, Ashley decided to drill on a oil rig that was actually on a fault line. She killed safety inspector Butch Hicks, who warned her of risks and attempted to stop her operation, and she also killed Christopher Renard, a geologist hired by Ashley, who also sent anonymous tips threatening to go to the authorities. Regarding Hicks' death, Ashley tampered with a crane, causing it to go loose and kill Hicks.

Ashley encountered Shawn and Gus in Renard's office, where they were inspecting the maps of the rig. The pair originally thought that Billy Joe was the culprit, but at that moment, the evil Ashley pointed a gun at Shawn and Gus and locked them in a small room full of toxic materials, revealing herself as the killer. Ashley encounters Chief Vick, along with Jules, Lassiter, and Coast Guard commander (and Vick's sister) Barbara Dunlap, where they learn that she was on the rig the night that Hicks was killed. When they see Ashley's gun, the cops charge at her, which led to a gunfight. After Shawn and Gus are freed, Shawn attempts to calm Ashley down, stating that he can sympathize with having an unappreciative father, and she did what she felt she had to do to save her father's business. Ashley lets her guard down, allowing Lassiter to subdue and arrest her.