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Ashleg is the tertiary antagonist in the Redwall book Mossflower. He was part of the plot to poison Verdauga Greeneyes, and was close with Tsarmina in treachery. Ashleg was a disfigured pine marten and he covered his maimed leg in a voluptious cloak. Ashleg served Verdauga, and administered his poison under disguise of healing potion. He set about the lie that Verdauga had been poisoned by his innocent son Gingevere, but Tsarmina forbade any killing of Gingivere when Ashleg demanded him dead. Ashleg was always being sought out by Argulor the eagle because the eagle wanted Ashleg eaten but when Ashleg suddenly deserted Tsarmina and went South leaving his cloak behind, Argulor was tricked into eating Bane instead and shocked the eagle.

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