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Ashir En Sabah Nur is an ancient and secretive cult of Apocalypse's faithful followers founded within Egypt in the 4th millennium B.C. and minor villains in X-Men: Apocalypse.



The Ashir En Sabah Nur cult was founded sometime during the days of Ancient Egypt where a young Apocalypse had descended upon the world and showed off his newfound abilities. Proving his worth, he soon used his powers to gather legions of followers and even an elite team of four disciples known as his Four Horsemen.

The Ceremony

Years into his discovery, Apocalypse has now assembled countless followers to worship him and build a monument in tribute of him. One day, Apocalypse is brought to a pyramid where he was been given a brand new, fresh and young body as he needs one to transfer his consciousness into in order to survive. The transfer is instigated and goes well however, a group of conspirators betray him and bury Apocalypse underneath the pyramid by knocking down its pillars, bringing down the building, killing his horsemen and followers inside, and burying him alive for thousands of years as he lied in dormancy.

Modern Times

Despite Apocalypse being lost and buried in a state of dormancy for centuries, his legacy had lived on and generations of people had continued to worship him in private with both humans and mutants alike. Since the 1970s with the mutant race being revealed to the public, various cults have been formed which worship the mutants as of they were a sign from God or an omen of the end of days with Ashir En Sabah Nur being one of them. In the year 1983 A.D., Moria MacTaggart, a CIA Agent has been researching them and goes on an undercover mission to Cairo where she stumbles across a gathering of cult members worshipping Apocalypse in an underground cave where the pyramid top keeping Apocalypse alive underneath is seen. Sunlight is let through however and this causes Apocalypse to re-awaken and MacTaggart to run out and escape but only her and Apocalypse survive the cave-in as the other cult members are crushed and killed by accident.



  • The first part of the cult's full name comes from "Ashir" (in Hebrew: "wealthy", "happy", or "blessed") which additionally is a variation of "Asher" (English and Hebrew), as the second part of the name comes from Apocalypse's original Egyptian name En Sabah Nur (literally meaning "The First Morning Holy Light").


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