Ashi Behati is a antagonist in the 2012 Philippine drama series, Princess and I. She is of Royalty descent in the fictional kingdom of Yangdon.


She desires the crown to be back to her immediate family, after her father was killed in a fight between her clan and the current ruling family in the past. She seeks to complete her goal at any cost. She attempted to kill both Queen Isabel, the wife of Yangdonese King Anand and their daughter Princess Areeyah.

Queen Isabel was presumely killed in a car accident while the princess was brought to the Philippines, where she was adopted by the poor family of Maghirang. She also poisoned his husband. With King Anand's wife and daughter, and Ashi Behati's husband out of the picture, Ashi Behati's son Prince Jao gained opportunity to be the king's successor. Ashi Behati also frequently attempts to flirt King Anand in a bid to become his new Queen.

Areeyah was adopted by Filipino family

her son Jao's death  Ashi was arrested for conspiracy for murdering Queen Isobel and become insane.