Order Incarnate

It is tragic that you are too limited to see how hopeless this is. You cannot hope to defeat the divine.
~ Ashera
You would face me in battle? I need no further evidence of your kind's imperfections. This will hardly be a battle at all. Simply an end. Perish, flawed one.
~ Ashera

Ashera ("ASH-er-uh") is the goddess of law and order in the game Fire Emblem. Her counterpart is Yune ("YOO-nay"), the goddess of chaos and freedom.


Ashera is one half of the creator Goddess Ashunera. While she embodies law, order, and stability, Yune, her other half, embodies chaos. Early in history, Ashunera creates the two species of man: beorc and laguz. However, neither race had ever accepted the other, and 800 years before the events of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, the beorc and laguz enter a great war.

Distressed at the violent nature of her creations, she floods the entire world, save the continent of Tellius. This only distresses her more, and believing herself and her emotions as the cause of the disaster, Ashunera sheds her emotions, which are personified as the child-like goddess Yune, and becomes Ashera.

Ashera then determines to destroy chaos, so she summons the three heroes- Dheginsea, Soan, and Altina- to seal Yune in Lehran's Medallion, also called the Fire Emblem. Ashera then decreed that she would sleep for 1000 years- and if she was awakened by the breaking of the seal on Lehran's Medallion, she would pass down her judgement onto mankind.

During the events of Radiant Dawn, Ashera and Yune are able to reunite with the aid of Ike and his army thus restoring them to their true form, the divine Ashunera. 1200 years after the events of Radiant Dawn, she finally returns to Tellius and watches over it as the loving creator of the world once more.