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Yamazaki Asami is the main antagonist of the 1998 Japanese psychological horror film Audition. Directed by the controversial director Takashi Miike, Audition is considered to be one of his most violent and disturbing films he ever created and it has even left one audience member screaming at Miike for being too "evil" at the 2000 Rotterdam Film Festival. Nevertheless, Audition developed a cult following.

She is portrayed by Eihi Shiina.


Yamazaki Asami is portrayed as a deeply disturbed woman who suffered at the hands of child-molestation. Due to this, she desired vengeance but also became a murderous and insane woman who lost the touch of reality in the process.

Being sexually abused by her stepfather, Asami hated men and killed those who had betrayed her. When a middle-aged film producer named Shigeharu Aoyama decided to find a new girlfriend with help of his friend Yasuhisa Yoshikawa, he suggested to start a mock audition in which several girls "audition" to become Aoyama's new wife. Asami attends the audition and Aoyama is instantly enthralled by her beauty and begins to date her.

After Asami told Aoyama about her sexual abuse from the hands of her cruel stepfather, Asami is nowhere to be seen, which prompts Aoyama to search for her. However, Yoshikawa and a passerby warns him that Asami has previously murdered and dismembered the owner of a dance studio, which Asami claimed to previously work at. Meanwhile, Asami sneaks into Aoyama's house and finds a portrait of his late wife and as revenge, drugs his liquor.

Whilst under the influence of the drug, Aoyama has a flashback of the sack and a telephone that was in Asami's apartment during the first time he met her. In the sack, a man missing both feet, his tongue, one ear and three fingers on one hand crawls out and begs for food. Asami vomits into a dog dish and the man hungrily consumes.

Aoyama collapses from the drugs and Asami injects him with a paralytic agent which keeps his nerves alert and tortures him with needles. She proclaims that Aoyama hasn't truly loved her and as a result, she inserts needles into his eyes and giggles as she does this. Asami proceeds to cut his left foot with a piano wire and his son Sheikgo arrives home in time and confronts her as she prepares to cut Aoyama's right foot.

Suddenly, Aoyama dreams that he woke up one day after making love with Asami but he realises it was simply his nightmare and he wakes up to find Shiekgo struggling to fight Asami. Eventually Shiekgo manged to fight off against Asami by kicking her down a flight of stairs causing her neck to snapped killing her.


  • She has been compared to Annie Wilkes from Stephen King's Misery as both seem to be caring women for both male protagonists but eventually spiral down in insanity and both have also inflicted severe injuries to the protagonists' feet. They also proclaim that they see him again after their well-deserved deaths.