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I don't care if I have the Loupt Clan's blood in me. I have Saint Maira's blood and he fought for the good of the people. The Fire God Fala is also one of my ancestors. I will use my power to create a world which is free of prejudice. One where all peoples can live without fear of repression! Of course, Sigurd knows way too much. Consider him a sacrifice to the greater good.
~ Arvis to Manfroy

Arvis (official translation, Alvis in the Japanese language) was born as the first son of the duke of Velthomer (a dukedom in Grandbell), Victor, who is a reputed womanizer and cares little to nothing on his family. At the age of 7, Alvis witnessed his father hanging and killing himself after Victor's wife, Cigyun, had an affair with Prince Kurth, leaving him with Cigyun's favorite maid and his half-brother Azel. Alvis was appointed as the next duke of Velthomer and worked his way to rise in position and power. Despite Azel being born from a maid raped by Victor, the same maid mentioned earlier, Alvis deeply cared for his half-brother, saying that Azel is one of the most important things in his life.

As Prince Kurth went to war with the nation of Isaac, Alvis was put in Barhara to attend Emperor Azmur of Grandbell. When the Verdane forces assaulted Jungby, Alvis was sent rather late to quell the oppression. He met Sigurd and gave him the Silver Sword (on behalf of Prince Kurth), also learning that Azel has joined Sigurd, but he didn't mind and entrusted his brother to Sigurd. With that, he left Sigurd to take care of the rest.

As he saw corruption and oppression around Grandbell, Alvis harbored an ambition to build a world based on peace and the people would not suffer anymore. With that, he contacted a dark bishop named Manfroy, who would help him, in exchange that he wouldn't persecute Manfroy's Lopt Sect. The time to pull off his ambitions came when he heard that Prince Kurth was assassinated, and the house of Chalpy (where Sigurdand his father Vylon belonged) was put to blame by Duke Langobalt of Dozel and Duke Reptor of Freege. Alvis, however, thought more than just hunting Sigurd the traitor. He planned to make the other lords fight for each other, claiming the lands in Jugdral on the way, and kill them once they were weakened. He stayed close to King Azmur and acted as his loyal attendant.

One day, he found a woman named Deidre lying unconscious. Alvis took her to his home, and slowly fell in love with her, unaware with the fact that Deidre was Sigurd's wife who was brainwashed by Manfroy, and also the daughter of Cigyun, thus Alvis and Deidre are half-siblings. Despite all those facts, Alvis couldn't help but to fall in love and eventually marry her.

Alvis was eventually chosen as the heir of Azmur, due to Deidre's Heim Blood. He would be given the position of Emperor until his son grew old enough to succeed him. At the same time, Alvis heard that Sigurd was approaching Barhara. He set his plans in motion. He first sent Langobalt to deal with Sigurd, in which the former would be killed. As the group of traitors approached Barhara, he sent out Reptor to attack. However, as Reptor advanced, Alvis suddenly turned his back on Reptor and cooperated with Sigurdto destroy Reptor.

Upon victory, Alvis held a celebration to greet Sigurd and his army. However, it was a clever disguise to sentence them to their deaths. After letting him see Deidre for the last time, Alvis used his personal tome Fala Flame to kill Sigurd, while his mage unit rained down meteors attempting to obliterate the rest of Sigurd soldiers. Sigurd was successfully killed, leaving any survivors of his army without a leader.

With the death of Sigurd, Alvis remained as the sole power of Grandbell and was eventually crowned as Emperor. He successfully created a peaceful regime in Grandbell that lasted for 17 years. He was also blessed with two twin children, Yurius and Yuria, from Deidre. However, after 17 years of peace, things started to change.

Manfroy offered Julius the Dark Tome of Loputousu. After he read it, Julius was taken over by Loputousu and thus started to change into a twisted man. Even Arvis was unable to stop him, as Julius was bred to be the next Emperor of Grandbell, as Azmur decreed so. Arvis was helpless as he saw his Empire changed from a peaceful regime into an oppressive one, where children were being hunted to be sacrificed for the Dark Lord and any whole population of anybody who resisted was exterminated as a measure to combat potential resistance. Deidre was also killed by Julius, but not before she warped Julia to somewhere safe.

Eventually Arvis realized that he had been manipulated all along by Manfroy. However, he still did his best to prevent casualties in the child hunting as much as he can. Eventually, he would face the Liberation Army led by the son of Sigurd, Seliph. He decided that he would face death in battle and led the defense of Chalphy Castle, but not before he sent out a bishop to take away Sigurd's sword Tyrfing, which was later retrieved by Seliph. Arvis is eventually killed by Seliph's hand, avenging Sigurd. However, after the Holy War truly ended, Seliph admitted that Arvis was no more than a man swept away by fate and did not deserve his hatred.

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