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Even though the world was filled with suffering, I had to ask something tremendous of you all. I entrusted you to ensure the pains of Reason. I asked you to bind yourselves with shackles of your own will! For the only blade that can expel calamity is one forged from unshaking reason and the iron will to do what must be done. And now that ready blade stands ready... before all of us today! I offer my body and my life in service to the people of this great land! With the blessings... of the Empyrean Immoninat, I will guide you to a world without Calamity! And this world's suffering... will be nothing but a distant memory!
~ Artorius' speech in Loegres

Artorius Collbrande is the main antagonist of Tales of Berseria.

He was voiced by Kenyu Horiuchi.


Artorius lived with Velvet as family, but he is not related to her. In fact, he is her brother-in-law. At the time, he married her older sister, Celica.

When an event known as Scarlet Night happened, the Daemonblight consumed their village. He saved Velvet and her younger brother, Laphicet, from the attack, but loses Celica in the process, along with their unborn child.

A few years later, Velvet lives with Laphicet and Artorius in another village. The Scarlet Night returns, with the entire village succumbing to the Daemonblight: when Velvet finds Artorius, she sees he has sacrificed her brother as part of a ritual. Artorius attempts to use her as well, but she fights back and the Daemonblight possesses her arm, mutating it and turning her into a Daemon.

Three years later, Artorius becomes the leader of the Abbey, an organization of the Exorcists.


During Tales of Zestiria The X, Artorius learns that Velvet and his former ally Seres Malak have escaped from the prison on Titania island, and sends his underling Oscar Dragonia to return them to their cells, bestowing an "exorcism sword" upon Oscar to allow him to complete this task,

However, Velvet was able to kill one of Oscar's men and provide him with a longer, more evenly matched battle, until they were interrupted by a dragon, which killed several more of Oscar's men, and destroyed his ship, but was later contained by Oscar using a magical bounding field, until it managed to smash through the field and kill all of Oscar's remaining soldiers. Ice shards from the dragon's breath impaled and killed Seres while she tried to protect an injured Velvet, and then the daemon Rokuro, the sorceress Magilou, arrived to help fight the dragon using their own magic.
Artorius zestiria

Artorius, as he appears in the anime Tales of Zestiria: The X

Velvet devoured Seres's remaining life force in order to gain strength, used it to heal her wounds and generate fire-blasts, which she used to kill both the dragon and Oscar, before she, Magilou, and Rokuro stole the one remaining ship on Titania, and Velvet used it to continue her quest of vengeance to find Artorius.

Velvet then had a flashback of finding Artorius in a ruin site plunging a sword into her brother's chest, surrounded by the bodies of all the other people he had sacrificed, saying "This is the way of things. And I, Artorius Collbrande, shall stop the pain".


Artorius used to be a loving man who cares about his family, even though he isn't related to them.

Upon losing his wife, Celica, and their unborn child, he has changed into a sociopath who is willing to sacrifice Laphicet in a ritual for power.

He favors the use of reason over emotion as part of his battle tactics, and has used this as the prime teaching for all Exorcists.


  • Artorius is similar to Griffith from Berserk. Both are white-haired villains who were idolized by many but willingly sacrificed those close to them for a ritual during a full moon for their beliefs and for power. However, Artorious is portrayed more sympathetically than Griffith.
  • Artorius also shares similarities with Superman (Injustice). Both are fallen heroes whose start of villainy was caused by the loss of their wives and unborn children and end up establishing governmental organizations under the pretense of eliminating threats, but in reality to maintain order and control over humanity at the cost of free will. Both also end up being opposed by people once close to them, Velvet Crowe for Artorius, and Batman for Superman.


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