Arthur Shaw is the main antagonist of the comedy film Tower Heist. He is loosely based on Bernard Madoff.

He was portrayed by Alan Alda.


Shaw is initially portrayed as a friendly Wall Street businessman who owns the luxury apartment complex known as The Tower, but in reality is a scheming con-artist who only cares about himself.

Upon learning the FBI has discovered his embezzling scheme, he attempts to flee in a situation disguised as a kidnapping. However, this fails and he is arrested, being put on house arrest. When the protagonists (including Josh Kovacs, who is manager of The Tower) visit Shaw in person, it turns out that he is under house arrest by FBI and found out that Shaw stole life insurance from his own workers. When Josh's good friend Lester attempted suicide, asking Shaw about the money, he framed Josh along with Charlie and Enrique. Josh then recruited the former thief Slide to seek revenge for his colleagues' losses.