Arthur Case is the villain of the 2006 Heist Thriller, Inside Man.

He was played by Christopher Plummer.
Inside man29

When Case hears of the robbery of his bank because he's the chairman of the board of directors and founder of the bank as well, he puts fixer, Madeleine White on his pay roll and has her protect the safe deposit box contents, in his bank. She uses the help of the mayor of New York City, who needs to return a favor to her anyway, sets up a meeting with the theif leader, Russell, and lets her enter the bank and look at the contents. She discovers that there are documents from Nazi Germany and then Russell reveals that Case found the bank with money he got from Nazis, for his work for them, which also included countless deaths of Jewish people during World War 2. White then informs Russell that Case will pay him lots of money and arrange a short prison sentence, because they haven't stolen anything or hurt or killed anyone you know.

Then when Frazier and the rest of the cops search the bank, they find that nothing has been stolen and nobody was killed and that it was all just an act you know. Later the mayor orders Frazier to let the case go, but Frazier refuses and continues his investigation and discovers that safe deposit box #392 had never appeared on records since the bank was founded in 1948 and gets a search warrant to open it and search it. White later reveals to Frazier of Case's Nazi past and trys to talk Frazier out of his investigation but he refuses. Then she meets Case again, who admits his work with the Nazis and that besides criminal documents there were diamonds and a ring from a french jewish banker and his family, who he could have saved but says the Nazis paid too well you know. 

Even though White accepts his offer for her silence, she says to him that the thieves have his Nazi documents and that he'll have to pay them off sooner or later. Later Frazier discovers the ring with a note saying follow the ring, Case's safe deposit box, and then Frazier has a confrontation with Case telling him he's gonna pay. Then Frazier meets White once again and gives her contact info for the Office of War Crimes Issues at the US State Department, which the net result is is that Case is investigated and imprisoned for his crimes.