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Arthur Bishop is the main protagonist of the film The Mechanic.He is a  professional assassin who specializes in making his hits look like accidents, suicides or the acts of petty criminals.He is portrayed by Jason Statham in the 2011 film.


The Mechanic

Arthur Bishop works as a contract killer. He sneaks into the lavish home of a Colombian Drug Cartel leader and discreetly drowns him in his own pool. He later visits his friend and his contractor Harry Mckenna who pays him money. Bishop finds that his new assignment is to kill Harry.Bishop's employer confirms by phone that the contract is correct, whereupon Bishop requests a face-to-face meeting with the contractor Dean.Dean tells Arthur that Harry betrayed his agency.Bishop kills Harry reluctantly with his own gun and making it look like a carjacking .At Harry's funeral Bishop meets Harry's son Steve.As Steve is reckless and wanted vengeance Bishop decided to train his as a mechanic.After some struggle Bishop trained Steve as a successful assassin .

Bishop's latest contract is to kill Andrew Vaughn, the leader of a cult-like church.Bishop and Steve successfully kill him by suffocating him, but are discovered and forced into a shootout with the guards. They slip out while the building is being evacuated and fly home separately.At the airport, Bishop sees a supposed victim of the mission that Harry allegedly sold out. Bishop realizes that Dean had tricked him into killing Harry, and that Dean engineered the failed mission to cover up his own shady dealings.Later Bishop is ambushed by some assassins and he kills them and saves Steve who was also ambushed.

Bishop told Steve to collect supply from Bishop's house to kill Dean where Steve finds his father's gun and comes to know that Bishop killed him.Later Bishop and Steve kill Dean.Then Steve takes Bishop to a petrol station for filling gas.Steve floods the floor with petrol and shoots the car with Arthur inside it. Steve returns to Bishop's house and performs two actions that Bishop told him not to do: playing a record on the turntable, and taking the 1966 Jaguar E-Type Bishop had been working on. As he is driving away, Steve notices a note on the passenger seat: "Steve, if you're reading this, then you're dead!" and he laughs at it thinking it was a joke. Moments later, the car explodes, killing him and Bishop's house also explodes at the moment. It is later revealed that Arthur escaped underneath the truck before Steve blows it up, indicting that Steve failed to kill Bishop and gets into another truck by the beach and drives away.


Bishop is very sophisticated, as he regularly listens to classical music, has an art collection.He is also very calm and friendly.But he is a very efficient assassin who shows no remorse for his killings except when he killed his friend Harry.He lives with a strict code and will kills anybody who comes in his way or plans to kill him.He is also very charismatic, but cold and calculative.He is also intelligent and plans his kill very carefully.


Arthur Bishop is an expert at handling firearms and hand-to-hand combat.He also has high knowledge in killing of people and always finds an alternate way to finish his missions .He is also very good at stealth as he sneaks and kill a drug lord in his house making it look like an accident and blending into the environment.

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