Artemisia Bell Ashcroft is one of the character introduced in the Spin-off Date AST Like. She is one of the top 5 most powerful Wizards in the world and the Ace Wizard from Special Sorcery Service. She is first mentioned in the 5 volume of the light novel on the Yamai Sisters Arc and in episode 2 of the second season of the anime by James A. Paddington, she is the only one that is able to fight with Ellen Mira Mathers the Adeptus 1Mana Takamiya the formerly Adeptus 2 and Jessica Bailey the Adeptus 3.

Recently, she made her first light novel appearance in Volume 13 and will appear as a major antagonist in Volume 14 as the Adeptus 2; in order to assist Isaac Ray Peram Westcott.


Artemishia coma

Artemisia in a coma.

She was She was a former member of the SSS and the SSS decided to leave and go to the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries in the hope of saving humanity by offering herself as sacrificed to create a new Combat Realizer. Edgar F. Carroll, was the lead scientist who used her as an experiment.

Artemisia thought she was being useful to mankind protecting people from being killed by Spirits, Wescott waited Artemisia relates to other employees of the Wescott tried to create a new type of Wiring Combat Suit using Artemisia as a live project to him tests, the result was the same as what happened to Mana Takamiya, Artemisia lost all her memory as as a consequence, she is now in a coma in a private hospital of the Japan Ground-Self Defense

Artemisia was probably born in Europe that she joined SSS that formerly was located in London, where she joined her SSS entered a platoon 5 wizards: Ashley Sinclair, Leonora Sears and Cecil O'Brien. Later, one of the most important workers in the world which was Artemishia B. Ashcroft was revealed to be a member and also his ace wizard. Finally, Minerva Liddell, another member of SSS, said to be the second most powerful Wizard in SSS, also joined to D.E.M.

2 years later, Artemisia was brainwashed by Westcott and Awakened from her coma. After her return, she immediately took over Adeptus 2 post and replaced Mana Takamiya's post on DEM.



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