"So, what exactly is the plan?"

-Artemis in "Motherhood"

Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, The Hunt, the Harvest, as well as Patron Goddess of the Amazons was a Greek goddess and daughter of Zeus. (YH: "Inn Trouble") She was the patron goddess of Syros. (HTLJ: "The Apple"). She was also considered "one of the Greatest of all Olympians." (XWP: "To Helicon and Back")

Twilight of Gods

She considered herself a "jock," and often fought with her sisters Athena and Aphrodite, to which she was the middle child. She offered Iolaus the opportunity to become the greatest hero in the world if he voted for her in a beauty contest against Athena and Aphrodite. Iolaus chose Aphrodite instead. At one point in time, she was at able to do over 10,000 push-ups a day, but then she became out of shape and could only do 10,000.

Warrior Priestesses from her temple attempted to kill Xena and Eve in order to prevent the Twilight of the Gods, they, of course, failed.When Xena invaded the Great Hall of Olympus, Artemis attempted to kill her with two arrows, but Xena caught them, as well as threw them both back, killing the goddess. Bellerophon, perhaps mistakenly, blamed Amazons for abandoning her during the Twilight and swore on his mother's grave to avenge her death.