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Arstotzka is a fictional dictatorship that acts as the main setting from the video-game Papers, Please - although the game itself does not have any actual "villains" (save for the occassional suicide bomber) the setting itself can be considered antagonistic as the player takes on the role of a borders check officer, who is paid by Arstotzka to monitor who comes and goes from the country.

Arstotzka is a dictatorship that changes its laws frequently and penalizes the player for every breach of protocol - to the point that if a player does not continually do "perfect" in their job they are unable to pay for basic necessities for their family, who become sick and die.

Arstotzka itself is fashioned after many dictatorships of old, mostly notably the Soviet Union - despite opening its gates to the outside world it is still very much a "rogue state" under modern international law.

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