Arrow'd Guy

The Arrow'd Guy is the tormentor of the members of the Teen Girl Squad. His many professions include an archer (who shoots arrows from his mouth), a truck driver, owner of a Pan-Asian Cuisine stand, a brain mech pilot, ship captain, two judges (at the same time), a play critic, and a witch doctor. Oddly, the character's name is never given in the actual cartoons, and he is known as "Man With The Huge Mouth" in some circles, since his mouth is frozen in a large gape in most of his appearances. However, he is identified as the Arrow'd Guy on the Store's caption for the Everybody Everybody Poster and on the DVD Commentary for Teen Girl Squad 7.

His murderous, but not apparently malicious, agenda consists of appearing from nowhere to commit lethal assault and vanishing again. In each instance, a gruff but disinterested male voice announces the verb by which Arrow'd Guy has attack'd. It is not known whether this announcing voice is that of Arrow'd Guy (or that of Strong Bad). Arrow'd Guy has no apparent motivation except, possibly, a loathing of conversational pauses. He is perhaps a brute force of nature in the notebook doodle universe.