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Arnie Cunningham is one of the three main protagonists and later the secondary antagonist of Christine after the deaths of the Repperton Gang one by one of Stephen King's Christine, the other two in the former role being Dennis Guilder and Leigh Cabot.


In the film Arnie is played by Keith Gordon and purchases Christine from Roland D Lebay and is forced to keep it at the garage run by Will Darnell.

Soon, Dennis learns that LeBay's wife died in Christine of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Later on, Arnie falls under Christine's influence. After Buddy and Co trash her, he takes his anger out on Leigh.

After his parents tell him that they'll buy him a new car, he fights verbally and physically with his parents and even goes as far as to strangle his father.

He swears revenge on the people who trashed Christine and is determined to repair her but she repairs herself in front of him.

Arnie goes against his friends, but is killed after being ejected through the windscreen and being impaled on a hard shard of glass

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