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It's over, the Koreans won it's over !
~ Arnie betraying the Resistance

Arnie is a minor antagonist in Homefront and is a secret informant for the Korean People's Army. He appears only once in the game.



Arnie appears to be in his late 40's early 50's with grayinf black hair and a short growing beard. he wears a grey prison camp uniform.


Arnie was a cowardly traitor who was gave up the moment the KPA took over Colorado and was willing to sacrifice his own friends just to protect his family and costed him his life.


Very little information is known about Arnie except that he was once an informatn for the Resistance and resides in Montroes Labor Camp. Nothing is known about what he did prior to the Korean takeover of the America but he has a family. During the events of the game, he is seen leading three resistance fighters to a building in oder to aquiree a series of fuel trucks to be used to help the remannts of the United States Armed Forces fpush back the KPA in San Francisco. There, he leads the three resistance fighters to the compound where he calims the trackers are at but he soon betrays them and holds Robert Jacobs at gunpoint. He shouts that the Koreas have won but he is soon gunned down as Jacobs, Connor, and Hopper begin a brutal firefight against the Korean soldiers.