The Army of Hell are a group of villains who appear in the Dragon Ball series, with three total appearances - Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Dragon Ball: Shin Budokai - Another Road, and the Super 17 Saga of Dragon Ball GT. The army is led by Frieza.


Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

When Janemba opened the gates to hell, Frieza led his army out of hell and began attacking Satan City in an attempt to destroy the Z Fighters. When Gohan and Videl arrived Frieza confroted them and then sent his army to destroy Gohan, but Gohan flew right through them and punched Frieza, destroying him. After Frieza's defeat, his army jumped off the buidling in fear, sending them back to Hell.

Dragon Ball: Shin Budokai - Another Road

When Janemba returned once more, a much more powerful Frieza left with Cell and Cooler in an attempt to find the Dragon Balls. Eventually Cell was defeated by the time displaced Gohan, and Frieza was defeated by the combined power of Android 18 and Potential-Unlcoked Krillin when they managed to use their love in order to remove most of Frieza's power. Cooler then gave himself up to Gohan and was destroyed and sent back to hell.



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