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Armogohma is the sixth boss of the Temple of Time in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sixth dungeon. Armogohma is also slightly similar to its Ocarina of Time counterpart.

In this version, Gohma gives the appearance of a frighteningly huge hunter spider. Her name is a portmanteau of "Armos" (as in Armos Statue), and Gohma. While her first form can be tricky, her second form is widely considered to be one of the easiest boss fights in the entire game.

Fighting Link and death

The creature has armor on her main body around her eye. Such an assumption gains strength after the first form of Armogohma is defeated, revealing the "eye" to be a small, independent creature. In addition, the outer shell has a stone-like texture, as well as numerous "engravings" all over it, similar to the other statues throughout the temple of time. It is quite possible that the armored outer shell is simply controlled by the eye, and is somehow related to the Armos or Beamos, given the name of the creature and the similarity of the laser beam attack to the Beamos. This version of Gohma is hairy and has eight legs, heavily resembling a huntsman spider or tarantula.

Her classic single eye can shoot a fiery laser, and of course, to stun it, Link shoots the eye with an arrow. To further damage her, Link fires the Dominion Rod at one of the massive statues in the room; doing so allows Link to make the statue swing its fist onto Armogohma's carapace. Armogohma can also lay dozens of eggs, which hatch to reveal small spider-like enemies, known as Baby Gohma. After three hits by the statue Armogohma's body will implode. Upon getting its body destroyed, Armogohma's eyeball reveals itself to be a small spider on its own, and humorously tries to escape along with some of its spawn. It is killed after Link shot the eye with three arrows, and releases the third shard of the Mirror of Twilight.

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