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Right hand man of Raphael Drake
Idiji942Added by Idiji942
"Your mine!" - Rook before attempting to kill Bond by helicopter

Armitage Rook is the henchmen and main assistant of Raphael Drake. He is a minor antagonist in the 007 game Nightfire. He is a villain who seemed to really like his work. It is shown well when he is asked to kill Bond and his partner Zoe Nightshade. As he is shooting at the place where Bond and Zoe are firing which is in a gondola lift taking them away from the Austrian base. Bond fires a few rockets at the helicopter with a good rocket launcher which Rook had trouble avoiding since they are seeker rockets or missiles. Then the helicopter starts catching fire and crashes which results in an explosion. Zoe grabs a hold of Bond as they glide down a rail to the snowy ground below. As they land, they then get up and run as Drake's men are after them. Days later, Bond encounters Rook again this time with a big scar on the left side of his face as a result of the helicopter crash. He wanted revenge but Bond ended up killing him with a great amount of firepower.

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