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Armando & Tipa are the tertiary antagonists in the 2011 film Rio.

They are voiced by Jeff Garcia and Davi Vierra.


Armando & Tipa are Marcel's henchmen. They seem to loathe Nigel due to his psychopathic nature (Tipa calls him a cannibal at one point because Nigel, one kind of bird, eats a chicken leg, which is from another kind of bird). When Blu and Jewel escape the lair, the duo chases them across the village but fail to capture them. The next day, Marcel berates them for losing the birds. At Carnaval, Armando & Tipa are disguised as chickens in the parade, much to Marcel's annoyance. At the climax, after Nigel's defeat, Armando, Tipa, and Marcel escape the plane via parachute. They are however captured by police and in the end credits shown behind bars. 


  • Armando & Tipa are similar to Jasper and Horace from 101 Dalmatians franchise:
    • They are bumbling henchmen who are assigned to keep animals captive but fail to do so and get yelled at by their boss as a result. In the climax, they are defeated along with their boss.
  • They are also somewhat similar to Pierre Danois and Knuckles (The Nut Job) as all of those characters are tertiary antagonists and can act dumb or "easy to crack" if done correctly.

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