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Armand Pelps was a fictional pedophile and a villain who appeared in Marvel comics as an enemy of Thunderstrike and Code:Blue - he is notable as being one of the few antagonists in comics that plays a major role (at least behind the scenes) without developing grand schemes of conquest and/or super-powers.

Armand Pelps was a member of a ring of child pornographers and pedophiles, some of which were contained within his own school district. After a substitute teacher named Gerrins who was part of the ring was killed, Pelps used the opportunity for a photo op. He gave a stirring speech to the community about the value of children, but the assassin, Sangre, was in attendance, ready to kill him. He was saved by the hero Thunderstrike, who deflected Sangre's bullet and drove her away. Code: Blue then arrested Pelps for his crimes.

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