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Armaggon is a new villain in TMNT season 4, he is also a wanted criminal, a bounty hunter and has been hired by Lord Dregg to hunt, bring the Turtles alive to him and Armaggon is voiced by Ron Perlman.


According to the criminal files he is wanted criminal through 87 Star Systems.

The Outlaw Armaggon!

He is seen in the begining where he was discussing a deal with Lord Dregg before going after the turtles in the Fugitoid's ship which cuased them to land in Overmind's Lair, he is soon seen making a new deal of Lord Dregg about keeping the turtle's alive, he is soon helping them destroy Overmind before going after them again, he is soon defeated at the end when the Station exploded, but was not finished.​​


He is shown to be greedy when he doubled his bargment with Dregg when he gets a new mission.


  • Armaggon was an original character from Archie's TMNT comic book.
  • He is the first Armaggon to be shown in animation.
  • At Comic Con, many people confused him as a mutant.
  • In the new opening of the show, Armaggon is seen fighting with Raphael, hinting that  he  might be his new rival.

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