2x02 Armadillo Quintero
Armadillo Quintero,is a villain from The Shield. A young Mexican drug lord, Armadillo is a calm and easy-going guy who likes to stay at home with a book. And a child to rape. After crossing the border, he united two rival Latino gangs under his own command by "necklacing" their leaders with car tires, then drenching them in petrol and burning them alive. But his Moral Event Horizon comes after this — a man he murdered had a cute twelve-year old sister who refused to keep quiet like her family told her. Instead, the little girl went by herself to the police and testified against Armadillo. Later the cops took in Armadillo for questioning, and when he sat alone in the cell for six hours, he found the girl's lost comb and began laughing eerily to himself. He is released for lack of proof, and the same night, the little girl is nowhere to be found. When she finally comes limping home in a daze, Armadillo has brutally raped her and tattooed his gang sign — a dove — into her face.