Armadillo Imagin
Armadillo Imagin: The pain-mongering Armadillo Imagin carrying a ball and chain as his weapon and able to roll up into a ball, as well as able to burrow underneath, much like the Mole Imagin. the Imagin completes his contract to "cut" Ōzaki and goes back into the time when Ōzaki was recruited by the Shirakaku. The Armdillo Imagin overpowers both Zeronos Zero Form and Den-O Liner Form until the DenLiner provides the two with an escape from the losing fight. However, the Imagin manages to stow onto the DenLiner and arrives at the Time Station, seeing it much fun to smash the station. But Urataros and Kintaros hold him off with Ryutaros supporting them until both Momotaros and Ryotaro arrive. Each of the Taros fight the Imagin in their respective Den-O forms before assuming into Climax Form to finish him off, their teamwork overpowering his strength.