My friend is a very dedicated man. You see, for years he was my rival in the quest for the weapon... No longer.
~ Arkady Kirilenko
Kirilenko with Aguire
Arkady Kirilenko is the main antagonist in the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Kirilenko is a Russian Colonel and scientist that seeks the destruction of the United States. He often has the Russian Elite Forces and commands the local Militia to protect him.

The squad first sees him at the start of the mission Cold War, where he executes a U.S. soldier that Bad Company was supposed to rescue. Marlowe had him in his sights, but was not given authorization to shoot him.

Later on, while speaking with Agent Aguire, Bravo-Two Charlie finds out that Kirilenko is searching for the "Black Weapon," a Japanese-designed weapon of mass destruction constructed during World War II. The squad is then sent to Chile to find the compound and Kirilenko. With help from US 1 Armored Division, they eventually find him by information given by a Russian prisoner, but Kirilenko manages to escape during a bombardment.

The squad finds the compound in the old freighter, the Sangre Del Toro, and gives it to Aguire, who then double-crosses them and gives it to Kirilenko. Kirilenko then betrays Aguire and kills him, before ordering his troops to kill the members of Bad Company. However, after the timely arrival of Flynn's Blackhawk which kills most of his troops, Kirilenko orders a soldier with an RPG to fire it at Flynn, killing Flynn and downing the helicopter.

Bad Company then move through a South American city to find Kirilenko and the "Scalar Weapon", the Weapon of Mass Destruction for which the compound was required, but as they find the scalar weapon, it is test fired, wiping out a large US Force inside the city. 'B' Company follows and boards the plane which Kirilenko and the scalar weapon are on. The plane takes off for the US to deliver the scalar weapon's deadly punch, but over the state of Texas, 'B' Company destroys the scalar weapon, tearing apart the plane and putting them and Kirilenko into a free fall.

Whilst Sweetwater is struggling with Kirilenko for a single parachute in free fall, Marlowe shoots and kills Kirilenko with a pistol.


  • He is voiced by Aleks Mikic.