Arkady Duvall is an enemy of Jonah Hex and an outlaw in Batman: The Animated Series. He is also the son of Ra's al Ghul, although Ra's soon realized he was too cruel and unstable to ever take over his empire. He once attended a rich school and learned swordsmanship and later went to America and did something horrible to a woman in the east. He left to join his father Ra's al Ghul in his attempt to destroy all the railroads in America. Not caring for his father's ecological goals, Arkady was only interested in forging an empire for himself.

Arriving, he came into town every so often  to start fights, challenge men to duels and very badly a hurt another woman. But Duvall had a bounty on his crimes in the east coast and was pursued by Jonah Hex. He found Hex snooping around his father's lair and tried to kill him by having the men dip him into vat of molten lead but was stopped by his father who ordered his men to lock him up in a cell instead. 

Jonah Hex escaped and confronted Duvall on an airship. Hex won the duel and delivered Arkady to the authorities who sentenced him to work in the mines for fifty years. Arkady outlived his sentence because of his exposure to the Lazarus Pits. However the sentence destroyed his mind, and he slipped off the grid. In the modern day he wound up in Gotham retirement home, where his father broke into rescue him. They departed together.