Arishok is the millitary leader of Qunari. After Petrice's death he becomes the main antagonist of Act 2 of the 2011 video game Dragon Age II.

He came to Kirkwall searching for a stolen relic when he was in charge to restore his honor and general honor of his kind. He and his soldiers get constantly provoked by xenophobic part of Kirkwall citizens. His delegates get killed by Ser Varnell on Petrice's orders, but the final event that drives him to start a war is that Isabela stole the relic he was looking for. During the battle a big part of Kirkwall gets heavily damaged and a lot of people get killed. He gathers all nobles to reeduacte them at the Viscount's Keep and reveals that he killed the Viscount, but Hawke appears just in time and stops him.

At this point, several things can happen. Hawke can offer Isabela to the Arishok, which will cause her to be permanently removed from the Party, or challenge him to a death duel. If Hawke challenges the Arishok, then Cassandra Pentaghast will call the battle "romantic" during the following interrogation cutscene with Varric. Gaining the Arishok's full respect will award the player the Achievement/Trophy "A Worthy Rival". Defeating the Arishok during "Demands of the Qun" will award the player the Achievement/Trophy "King of the Hill".