Arijigokujin Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Arijigokujin (アリジゴクジン Arijigokujin?, 13): An antlion cyborg armed with the Hell's Whip who can swim through dirt and create sinkholes in his Ant-Hell attack. He is summoned by General Monster to wipe out all of Tokyo with the Plus-Alpha Bomb, forcing its creator Professor Imai to set it up. But when Imai manages to escape his captor while he takes the bomb to Tokyo Tower, Tsukuba is made aware of the plot. However, after tricking, SkyRider into entering a deathtrap, Arijigokujin hides the bomb the basement of Maritime Science Hall. When SkyRider locates the bomb, Arijigokujin decides to die a Martyr to the Neo-Shocker cause before being mortally wounded by SkyRider's Centrifugal Throw/Sky Kick combo.