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Aria is was minor villainess in Akame Ga Kill!, she was the daughter of a missionary, and a girl who Tatsumi met in the capital, she is initially thought to be a sweet girl, offering shelter for Tatsumi, when he was on street as a beggar, but despite being a teenager, Aria was known as one of the most ruthless villainess on Akame Ga Kill! and holds a dark secret.

She is voiced by Kanami Satou in the Japanese version of anime and Brittney Karbowski in the English version.

Akame ga Kill

Aria was a girl who lived in the capital of the empire, she offered to Tatsumi a place to stay when she found him on the streets after being deceived by Leone, she came from a wealthy family and had the habit of offering a place to stay at her Mansion. She then introduces Tatsumi to her parents, who agreed to help him find his friends, Sayo and Leyasu, who were separated from him upon arriving at the capital. 

The next day, Tatsumi helped Aria during the shopping, with her guards and by the time the same evening, Night Raid came to attack the Mansion of Aria, the organization killed the parents of Aria, and one of the guards tries to hide her in the warehouse of the mansion, as Tatsumi manages to find her with Akame arriving shortly after. Tatsumi then tries to defend Aria, unaware of her true dark nature, but Leone revealed the contents of the "warehouse" as Tatsumi looks with surprise as he meets his friends there too. Inside the warehouse were several tools of torture of all centuries as dozens of corpses of elderly, men, women, children, and infants were killed in all inhumane ways imaginable, and all people within the warehouse were killed by Aria for her to find all the people who came from outside the capital as unclean animals and had right to torture and to kill as many of them she wanted.

Tatsumi found out the truth of how Aria and her parents had an interest to attract people of the country to its place and torturing them to death, which was why Night Raid was dispatched to kill them. Aria was then quickly killed by Tatsumi after he witnessed the death of his two friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, in the hands of the family of Aria.


Aria was a young girl, with blonde hair, shoulder-length, topped by a hair accessory, and blue eyes, she was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, with a light blue ribbon on her neck, above her shirt, she wore a sleeveless light blue dress, with a black bodice, and white frills, she wearing white boots.


Aria initially appeared to be a very kind and caring girl, but that was only to disguise her true nature, in fact, like her parents, she was a cruel and sadistic girl, who liked to tease the peasants, and then torturing to death, she was a very manipulative girl, like her parents, she was also hypocritical, since with a sweet and friendly look she tricked her guests, and also had a hatred for Sayo, due to her style of her hair to be smooth while the hair of Aria was rebellious.



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Akame ga Kill - Aria Death

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