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Argorok is the seventh boss in The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess video game. The dragon is engaged at the very top of the City in the Sky. Link has to fight it while withstanding the severe wind and rainstorm that plagues the area. To complete the first phase of the battle, Link must use the Double Clawshots to attach himself onto its tail and then use the Iron Boots to cause the weight of it to bring Argorok to the ground, the resulting impact removing a layer of its protective armor.

After repeating the drag-down strategy twice, the dragon roars and the remainder of his armor flies off, and the second phase of the battle begins. Several Peahats come out of the ground and fly around the top of the arena, allowing Link to use his Double Clawshots to transport himself in a circle. Once Argorok was breathing fire, Link travels around Argorok in order to clawshot himself to an orb transfixed to the creature's back, presumably the Dragon's power source. Link then strikes at the orb with his sword before Argorok recovers. After repeating this process three times, Argorok spurts out fire (as if it was blood), Argorok will try to fly away, but, having been weakened and wounded by the battle, crashes to the ground, and explodes, allowing Link to obtain the final shard of the Mirror of Twilight.