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On the planet Schwab a man named Brum-El launched his wardrobe which included the Ambush Bug suit and a sock. Right after he did this his planet was destroyed. The suit found its way to Earth and was found by Irwin Schwab who became the hero Ambush Bug. The sock however came to life after being exposed to some radiation and became Argh!Yle! When he landed on Earth it was alone and was attacked by a cat. He made his way to a science lab where he masted his intelligence and technology. He built a metal mask for himself which is very similar to Doctor Doom. He then vowed revenge on Ambush Bug. He's tried many plots to kill Ambush Bug including an army of socks and a space station that looks like a wardrobe. He was later sent to jail.


In addition to his genius level intelligence he also has all the powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes' socks.

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