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Ares of the Bladetail Pack, better known as Stalker is one of the villains from the online novel series Tasakeru. He is an undead anthropomorphic wolf exiled from his tribe for... dangerous behaviors.

Arrival in Tasakeru forest

Ares arrived in Tasakeru forest after being caught raping one of the females in his tribe, and subsequent exile. As a final insult, his fur-tattoos were bleached out. One of the female exiles caught his eye, the squirrel magician Hanami. He intended to bide his time and sadistically enjoy the look of terror when he forced himself on her, but an old wolf known as Drake who Walks Alone beat Ares to death before he was able to.

One of N'ktane's spiderlings escaped from the destruction of their warrens, and was dying due to psionic withdrawl, starvation, and grief. Coming upon the now-lifeless husk of Ares, it realized that it could use the wolf's corpse as a new body, and parasitized it, bringing Ares back to life-after a fasion. Ares then took the name of Stalker, his mind and body fused with the spiderling's

Stalker's plan

Stalker intended to use both the blood and souls of Sankami's citizens to both ressurect N'ktane and create a race of super-soldiers to conquer the island. Over a period of weeks, he collected seven blood samples, one from a female of each of the Sentient species, and hundreds of souls, which he took to his lair in Black Rose Tower. During a raid on the Silver Order's temple, he was injured by Zeromaru Takaichi and kidnapped his sister Naole out of revenge- and as the seventh blood sample, and finally for use as a test subject for his creation. However, as Naole had anemia, the creation was tainted- it emerged a mute, crawling hunchback with open sores covering it's skin. Stalker was enraged- he would have to start his plan all over.


Stalker beat his creation severely, and left in a rage. Making his way back to Hanami's home, he burst into the room-and was promptly ejected by her nature magic. He landed a full half-mile away, and was immediately set upon by Hanami's friends. During the ensuring battle, the spider-symbiote in his arm was slain. Stalker began to suffer all the wounds he had received after his resurrection, and bled to death.