Areone is the son of Trabant, and thus is the crown prince of Thracia. Despite being the fiancé of Linoan, he appears to be in love with his foster sister Altenna. In Chapter 9 he knocks Altenna out (so Trabant would think she was dead), and after Trabant is dead, he says to her that she should join the Liberation Army with Leaf and the next time that they meet, they would be enemies. He is the final boss of Chapter 9, and with the Gungnir, he is very powerful. Once he is eventually defeated, Yurius warps him away in order to sway him to his side. In the Final Chapter, Areone appears again, trying to retake Chalphy Castle. However, Altenna can talk to him and get him to become an allied unit, and he mentions that he doesn't fight for the Liberation Army or Celice, but for her.