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Water Pollution Prince Nigorl zo Arelunbra is the Prince of the Arelunbra, a fencing master of the Nigorl Rapier and able to summon rain clouds.

Nigorl ended up on Earth in suspended animation after Kegalesia turns him down, due to the fact that he has an unusual liking to things he considers beautiful which contradicts the Gaiark's taboo on the word "beauty." Though revived, Nigorl's affections turn from Kegalesia to Engine Bear RV as he attempts to marry her. But after the team regains Bear RV from him, Nigorl is mortally wounded and left to die by Kegalesia.

While fighting, Nigorl's stronger ability is the Water Pollution branch's trademark Water Pollution Fusion, using it on Kegalesia and mass amounts of water to enlarge into a giant without need of Bikkurium and having Kegalesia interfaced in his systems as a battery to increase his power. In this state, referred as Mix Kegalegorl, Nigorl's attacks are Kegalegorl BeBeBeBeam and Kegalegorl ThunThuThunder. His name is from the Japanese word for "to get impure" (濁る, nigoru).

  • Height: 209 cm to 52.5 m
  • Weight: 222 kg to 610.5 tons

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