Arcturus is a major antagonist in the video game Darkspore. He is directly responsible for many of the attacks initiated by the Darkspore on other planets during the Crogenitor-Darkspore War. He is a general serving under The Corruptor, formerly Xylan.


As a Crogenitor, Arcturus was extremely arrogant. He researched cybernetics and eventually became a cyborg himself. Eventually, Arcturus began planning to destroy large suns and conquer planets, causing his fellow Crogenitors to refer to him as a sociopath. Determined to make things go his way, he allied himself with his companion, a power hungry Crogenitor scientist named Xylan, now The Corruptor and leader of the Darkspore, an army of mutants destined to conquer the entire Galaxy.

The Corruptor told his fellow Crogenitor that with him, anything would be possible. Arcturus agreed and became a trusted follower of The Corruptor, at the cost of causing the Galaxy's downfall. During the war, The Corruptor ordered Arcturus to attack the planet Perceptum, the capital of the Crogenitor Empire, which resulted in the demise of the Crogenitor Emperor. Later, Arcturus used cyber-bombs to attack Zelem's Nexus and destroyed many Crogenitor strongholds and killed a Crogenitor named Zelem.

This bolstered The Corruptor's war with the Crogenitors. Years later, The Corruptor stationed Arcturus and his army of Darkspore on Infinity. Meanwhile, a surviving Crogenitor began liberating planets from the Darkspore. In response, Arcturus gave his troops strict orders to kill any Crogenitors they spotted on sight since any of the surviving Crogenitors with the exception of the ex-Crogenitor Xylan could be the one responsible for hindering the Darkspore in their galactic conquest. Eventually, the Crogenitor and a number of hero squadrons arrived on Infinity and killed off most of Arcturus's men before confronting Arcturus himself who attempted to gun down both the heroic Crogenitor and the hero squadrons.

After an intense firefight, the heroes overcame the cyborg commander and critically damaged him. Arcturus attempted to crawl away from his foes to send a distress beacon to the Darkspore capital Scaldron, but his cybernetics exploded due to heavy damage and engulfed him and ultimately killed him; the maniacal cyborg had finally paid for his crimes against the Crogenitors and the Galaxy.