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Archduke Cedric
But I was meant to be king!
~ Archduke Cedric's defeat speech.
Archduke Cedric is a minor, but significant antagonist in the video game, "Tales of Graces F". He was the uncle of Prince Richard.

In the game, it was implied that he tried to poison Richard and his father 7 years ago, but it failed. In the present, he had a few knights murder the king and usurped the throne. When Richard escaped, Cedric had envoys after him to kill Richard and retrieve Asbel. He made Barona into a fortress after the war had started. Later, Asbel, Richard, Sophie, Cheria, and Pascal infiltrated Barona Castle and entered the throne room. After the decisive battle, Archduke Cedric was sliced twice by Richard and then perished.

It was heard from the president of Strata that Mr. Ozwell had an alliance with Archduke Cedric. He was also the cause of Richard to have Lambda come inside him, due to young Richard nearly dying and him wanting to have a world without war.

In Tales of Graces F Cedric appears as a one of the bosses in the Zhonecage dungeon before the final battle against Lambda.

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