Arcard, or sometimes known as Alucard, is the boss of Chapter 17A: The Path Through The Ocean(Ilia)/Chapter 17B: The Bishop's Teachings(Sacae) in Fire Emblem: Fūin no Tsurugi. He is one of the few Eturian nobles who betrayed their country, turning instead to Bern. He is a cohort of Advisor Roartz who is in charge of Etrurian mining operations on Fibernia's Mt. Eburacum. Based in the Etrurian capitol of the Western Isles, Jutes, his direct subordinates were the Bishop Oro (who supervises the mines) and the Druid Nord (who guarded the valley leading to the mines by way of Castle Armagh). After Roy foils his plans, he escapes with Advisor Roartz to either Ilia or Sacae.

If he flees to Sacae, he is put in charge of Castle Taras by Brenya, which is near the Etrurian/Sacaen border. He is eventually killed in the ensuing battle between Roy's forces and the troops Brenya left him with.