Arbormon (Frontier)
Those human kids are weeds, and I'm the weedwhacker!
~ Arbormon

Arbormon is one of the villains in Digimon Frontier.


Arbormon is a Human Hybrid Digimon that resembles an android made of wood.

Digimon Frontier

Arbormon first appeared after Grumblemon lost his Beast Spirit and helped him get it back from the Digidestined.

Later on, Arbormon wanted to steal the D-Tectors and asked Datamon to hand them over, but Datamon refused. Angrily, Arbormon Slide-Evolved to Petaldramon to fight Datamon. When the Digidestined arrived at the Dark Area, Arbormon came face-to-face with them in a final battle as Petaldramon. After Arbormon was defeated, Duskmon arrived. Arbormon was glad to see him and quoted "A friend indeed is a friend in deed, right?", but Duskmon, thinking that Arbormon was no use for himself now since his Beast Spirit was gone, killed him, and absorbed his data.

Later, in the episode, "Glean Eggs and Scram", Arbormon redeemed himself and joined the Digidestined to fight Dynasmon and Crusadermon.


  • Roundhouse Punt: Jumps in the air and extends his arms and feet to attack the opponent.
  • Power Pummel