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Mother always said if you're too stupid to see the wool being pulled over your eyes, you deserve what you get.
~ April, to Dr. George Huang, "Design"

April Troost is a villainess appearing in the Law & Order franchise.

She is played by Estella Warren, who also plays Matty McPherson in the TV movie Blue Seduction.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

In the episode "Design," April, heavily pregnant, is talked down from a ledge by Detective Olivia Benson. While being questioned by Benson, she tells her that she was raped by Barclay Pallister, a rich businessman specializing in mortuary science. When questioned by the detectives, Pallister denies he's the father of April's child, but a DNA test proves otherwise; regardless of this, he denies raping April.

The case goes to trial, but April is apparently killed in a car crash and Pallister is suspected to be the culprit. Benson and her partner Elliot Stabler later learn that April was keeping photos of wealthy men, including Pallister, in a safety deposit box and that she was searching for the ideal man to father her child. It later turns out she drugged many men so she could obtain their sperm, and she impregnated herself with Pallister's genetic material.

The detectives also find out that April used to work at the McManus Clinic, a fertility clinic run by Dr. McManus. They take McManus in for questioning and learn he was giving April money. The detectives initially suspect McManus is sleeping with April, only for McManus to express disgust at the idea before revealing that April is his daughter and that she's alive and well.

Benson confronts April in her apartment and demands to know the location of her baby, which April claims was still-born. April is then arrested and evaluated by Dr. George Huang, to whom she openly admits her sociopathic and manipulative tendencies.

It later turns out that April and her mother Lorraine were working a con together. Fortunately, the detectives manage to get April's daughter, Sarah, away from Lorraine and placed in Pallister's custody.


Mother always said never trust a man.
~ To Benson, after being tracked down
You were my friend. You promised to protect me.
~ To Benson
I know there are rules, but they don't apply to me.
~ To Dr. Huang during her interview
Mother didn't want me picking up any bad habits. [...] Feeling sorry for people, what Mother called "getting soft." She taught me to stay alert, be on the lookout. [...] There are always people who want to take advantage of me; that's why I have to take advantage of them first. Survival of the fittest, screw or get screwed; Mother drilled that into me. She taught me everything she knew about people, men in particular.
~ To Dr. Huang, explaining her upbringing
Oh, some mother. You led the cops right to my safe deposit box. Too bad the money wasn't there.
~ To Lorraine, part of their act
I'm not confused. I'm thinking about what's best for me. No one else will.
~ To Dr. McManus, who tries to reason with her
Love is for suckers.
~ Rebuffing her father telling her he loves her
Nice doing business with you.
~ To Novak before leaving