Appoline is a poodle owned by Collen Mansfield and one of the secondary antagonists in the film "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2". She was voiced by Bridget Mendler. 

At the beginning, Appoline was quite disgusted on how Papi and the puppies were acting at the park. Chloe tried to reason with her, but she acted ignorant. Chloe brought up the fact that Apploine was from the valley, much to her disgust. To fight back, the puppies threw dirt at her, thus attracting Collen's attention. She was also mentioned to have won the dog show for a few years in a row. As the two walked away, Papi taunted her saying, "Don't look now, but I think someone shaved your heiny".

Later at the Beverly Hills Dog Show, she and Collen were seen together. During the show, she paw-printed a trophy that amused the judges and the audience. Appoline and Papi eventually ended up to be the finalists. However, she won by default due to Papi not having breeding papers. She and Collen were not seen afterwards, however Appoline appeared in the credits singing Chihuahua with everyone else.


Appoline shares a few similarities with "Georgette" from Oliver and Company: they both are arrogant, spoiled french poodles that won a dog show for a few years in a row. Unlike Georgette, Appoline does not reform whatsoever.