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Stop hand

<center>Click to help Cruella!
This scum Applejack (Bad Apples)
is driving Cruella insane!
So sayeth the great Lord of Darkness Sauron:
or he will send Darth Vader to terminate you.

You like apples, dontcha?
~ Applejack

Applejack is the main antagonist the Bad Apples creepypasta, which was hosted on the creepypasta wiki for some time before being transferred to numerous other sites following a change in rules regarding MLP Grimdark stories, the popularity of the story can be easily found in the fact it has numerous YouTube videos, Deviantart picture tributes and references in quizzes concerning MLP monsters such as "Cupcakes" Pinkamena, "Rainbow Factory" Rainbow Dash and other mature re-imaginings of the MLP franchise.

The creepypasta itself is told via Applejack's own thoughts and portrays her as a serial-killer who is obsessed with manners, to the point of murdering those she sees as objectionable and burying them under her apple orchard to help the trees grow: she is also seen as obsessed with apples and pleasant to a fault even when murdering her victims, her obsession with apples taken to a darkly comic extreme as she kills via choking a victim with an apple.

The story itself (like most Grimdark) is not appropriate for this wiki but can be found here:

Youtube versions can be seen below:

(CPN) "Bad Apples" - An MLP Creepypasta05:29

(CPN) "Bad Apples" - An MLP Creepypasta

Bad Apple04:13

Bad Apple

Deviantart Tribute can be seen here:

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