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Apple Bloom is the secondary antagonist in the infamous internet trolling phenomena / fan-fiction known as "Cupcakes", where she is portrayed as a killer-in-training under the "care" of Pinkie Pie: the story gained sufficent infamy due to its shocking content that it became a popular internet meme.

Involvement In Original Story

In the first and most infamous "Cupcakes" story Apple Bloom does not appear until very late into the story, after Pinkie Pie had tortured Rainbow Dash to death - having captured Silver Spoon; Pinkie Pie was preparing to once again embark on a grotesque murder when Apple Bloom entered the room, apparently very angry and asking what Pinkie Pie was doing.

Silver Spoon believed Apple Bloom was there to save her, unfortunately it turned out Apple Bloom was angry because Pinkie Pie had promised her she would get to kill Silver Spoon - the story ends in an extremely dark cliffhanger as Apple Bloom, under Pinkie's watchful eye, descends upon Silver Spoon intent on killing her.


After "Cupcakes" became a meme it soon began to spawn many imitations, sequels and alternate-versions - all of which focused on Pinkie Pie but some had Apple Bloom involved to varying degrees: one story even had Apple Bloom narrating the origins of Pinkie Pie and speaking of the events of the original "Cupcakes" (as well as the murder of Carrot Top), all in a manner very similar to Hannibal Lecter from Silence of The Lambs.


  • Apple Bloom seems to parody Hannibal Lecter, while Pinkie Pie parodies Buffalo Bill - both of whom are killers and antagonists in the Silence of The Lamb series (incidentally they are also cannibals).
  • In at least one sequel to the fan-fiction Apple Bloom is imprisoned, however Pinkie Pie is still seen to be "at large" and according to Apple Bloom can not be stopped.
  • Apple Bloom is one of the few ponies in the dark "Cupcakes" series who appears to be safe from Pinkie Pie, however this may be due to Apple Bloom in this series being just as psychotic.
  • Apple Bloom's dress is made out of Diamond Tiara's cutie mark and skin.

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