~ Apple
~ Apple before killing someone or letting them die.

Apple is a recurring character throughout the videos of several prominent YouTube Minecrafters, most notably SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam Dahlberg), ThatGuyBarney (John/Barney), RedVacktor (Michael Steves/Red), and their friends and coworkers.

He was created and played by Red in one of Adam's videos during a time when there was a running joke that Barney was obsessed with apples. The character became very popular among both the YouTubers and their fans, and started making appearances as Barney's sidekick. The personality changed, however, from a friendly eccentric to a psychopathic killer that Barney constantly has to keep in line.

Over time, the YouTubers created an origin for Apple's partnership with Barney and continued to add details on his "life" among them.

He is portrayed by Red, and once by Adam.

He first appeared in the SkyDoesMinecraft video "Minecraft Mini-Game : DO NOT LAUGH! (TONY PEPPERONI RETURNS, THE APPLE!) w/ Facecam".


In the ThatGuyBarney video "THE BIRTH OF APPLE (Minecraft Roleplay)", it is revealed that Barney went on a walk in the woods with SGCBarbarian (Nick), and happened upon a hot dog vendor (played by YourPalRoss/House_Owner/Ross). The vendor tried to rip Barney and Nick off, and Apple arrived and shot him. While he was presumably just doing this due to his homicidal tendencies, Barney thought he was getting back at the vendor for trying to scam them. While Nick tried to help the vendor, Barney went with Apple to his lair, where he became friends with him.

In another ThatGuyBarney roleplay video, "MEETING APPLE'S PARENTS (Minecraft Roleplay)", it is revealed that Apple did in fact attend school, but only made it up to fifth grade. His personality is somewhat implied to be a result of living in a poor house with a possibly abusive father (played by Ross). However, he has a caring mother (played by Shubble/lilshortysgs/Shelby). Both of his parents are humans, implying adoption.

Villainous Acts

  • Apple lets Barney die or even attacks him in many Skywars videos.
  • Attacks Adam, Barney, Preston Danger, and others.
  • Apple verbally assaults Barney and his friends constantly.
  • He kills a hot dog vendor and presumably collects his soul.
  • His father says that he steals and scams.
  • He threatens Barney's life several times.
  • He tries to shoot his father, but accidentally shoots his mother instead (he does feel regret and sorrow for this). She survives.
  • He attacks and kills his father with an axe. His mother drives him out of the house.
  • He is suspected of having abused animals.
  • He holds Adam hostage.
  • He tries to drown Adam.
  • Killed and presumably ate the entire Breakfast Brigade except for Bacon Man and Pancake Pal. Pancake Pal he held hostage and ate slowly, torturing him until death.
  • Has openly admitted to eating other apples.


Apple is crazy and sadistic, enjoying violence and the pain of others. He constantly carries a supply of weapons including guns, knives, swords, axes, and bows. He is also hyperactive and yells with a high-pitched voice. He seems to show no empathy for anyone, even his friend Barney and his own parents.


Apple appears as a pixelated (because he is in Minecraft), small red apple with two small black eyes spread far apart and a small mouth. He has very thin black limbs.

In one video, he parodies the Hulk and turns into a green apple.





  • He is one of the most famous running jokes/characters from SkyDoesMinecraft and friends, with others being "scales", "Earl", "the book ghost", "Surprise Eggs", and "the Midnight Saga".
    • He is also one of Barney's most popular running jokes, others being "dirt" and "Goat".

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