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Apothecary Hummel

Apothecary Hummel

"Due to the, ah, 'misunderstanding' in Dragonblight, we've had to relocate our facilities to this decrepit mess of a castle. Still, we've now plenty plenty of space and time to work on various new and lovely... products..." -Apothecary Hummel

Apothecary Hummel is an annual boss of World of Warcraft, only being available to players during the Love is in the Air event.

Hummel is a Forsaken Apothecary, and is in charge of the Crown Chemical Company. Using the Company, he developed a special "cologne" which would help him take over the world. He sent his Goblin henchmen to sell this cologne in the major cities, who would allow the guards to sample them. Unfortunately, the Steamweedle Cartel became suspicious, and sent the heroes out to investigate.

After much time, the heroes learned of Hummel's intentions, and traveled to Shadowfang Keep to put an end to his plans. Hummel and his lackeys, Frye and Baxter, assisted him in battle, using their poisonous cologne in an attempt to kill their enemies. In the end, however, Hummel, Frye, and Baxter were killed, and their plans were foiled.

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