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Apollo is the titular main protagonist of the animated show Apollo's Pad. Despite being a protagonist, Apollo is often villianous when it comes to his own schemes.


After spending nearly his enitre life in the music business, he opened up his bar, Apollo's Pad (hence the show's name). At some point, he met Aleberta Robinson and his best friend, Mickey at Apollo's Thanksgiving Orgy. Then, Alberta gave birth to Apollo's son, IceFlo. 


Apollo is an extremely greedy person. He can be rude and mean to people because of how the 70's ended and wants to make his bar the best by any means necessary. Once, he used Snowflake to kill a fly by whacking him. He also goes as far to insulting people such as when he insulted a cat and then Apollo got hit with a baseball bat and his wallet stolen as punishment. He even insulted his son. Other times he's shown to be a terrible father. 

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