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Apex is an evil overlord pac-alien that first appeared in Robo Woes, his plan is to take over Pacworld and capture Pac-Man, Betrayus and President Spheros. He is the true main antagonist of the series.


Not much is mentioned about Apex's past, except that he lives on Planet Pointy Head and that he hired the Pacinator at some point. Then after the Pacinator possibly delivered Zac and Sunny to him, he took them to his home planet.

In Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Apex made his physical debut in "Robo Woes" to give President Spheros a gift (which was later actually a trap to rule Pac-World), but was defeated by Pac and escaped in his robot suit. Apex then reappeared in "Invasion of the Pointy Heads" to make an agreement with Betrayus to conquer Pac-World, but later betrayed him afterwards. He escaped with his army after Pac and Betrayus discovered his weakness and then told Pac if wants to give a message to his parents, but then leaves, leading a trail of energy.



  • His roles are similar to Antasma's from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
    • Both are betrayed by the main villain (Bowser to Antasma, Betrayus to Apex)
    • Both are defeated by the main protagonist
      • Unlike Antasma however, Apex is not killed, rather fled away to possibly do another scheme.

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