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Apep was a villain that appeared in the cartoon series "Mummies Alive!".

Long ago in ancient Egypt the snake-god/demon Apep was driven out into the desert by Rapses and grew vengeful, many centuries later Apep would surface in the modern world to seek out the reincarnated Rapses and exact his revenge.

Taking the form of a rebellious biker Apep and a group of entities resembling varied animals (such as a scorpion, a mantis and a tortoise) pursued their prey without mercy, however Apep became fixated on the mummy Nefer-Tina and wished for her to be his companion.

Nefer-Tina eventually made a deal with Apep, she would race him across a bridge and if she lost she would go with Apep along with Presely (the reincarnated Rapses) but if she won Apep and his gang would leave Earth forever.

Apep eagerly accepted and utter his now famous line "You are mine enchantress!" as he easily got the upper-hand, however when Nefer-Tina fell off the bridge Apep came to her aid and seemingly sacrificed himself to save her life - his essence vanishing back to the realm of the gods.

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